Reverse Logistics Experts

Creative Green Marketing is an industry leading sustainability consultancy with a specialty in reverse logistics. We help our clients find sustainable inventory recovery solutions for overstock, off-spec, obsolete, returns, organic, bulk food, cooking oil waste, or otherwise unsellable branded product.

We have over four decades of experience solely focused on helping sustainability minded companies, find solutions for their inventory that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

Some products we have worked with include...

Health & Beauty




Garden & Patio




Furniture & Household



Sports & Recreation

We Protect Our Clients Brands

We understand brand protection is paramount and have worked with brands across the country to help them get rid of their unsellable & difficult to recycle goods and find homes for them that do not disrupt their main market.

Who We Work With:

  • Branded Product Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • Distribution Centers
  • Fulfillment & Return Centers
  • Public & private warehouses
  • Freight companies

Some of our past clients include

Some of our past clients include

Why Work With Us

Our team of recycling consultants have over 40 years of recycling and material waste diversion experience and can quickly and effectively find sustainable solutions for your product while prioritizing the safety and security of your brand.

Working with CGM on your inventory recovery needs means great cost savings through reduced liability, as well as a sustained partnership with a reverse logistics strategist that promotes the sustainability and efficiency of your company.

The benefits of working with us are:

  • reduced storage expenses
  • avoid landfilling hauling fees
  • Greater opportunity for new inventory to flow
  • asset protection peace of mind
  • reduced environmental impact through landfill diversion

Our Process


What Our Customers are Saying

  • Bryon
    Steve and his team at CGM solved a situation of disposal of highly sensitive store receipts that were secured with a paperclip, rubber band, and rolled inside of a plastic bag. We could not landfill these and recyclers did not want them because of the non paper contamination. Twenty-one trailer loads were re-purposed as a filler substance. They did a superb job.
    Columbus, OH
  • Samuel
    Creative Green Marketing was able to recycle our age old inventory of fourteen trailer loads of new, branded plastic toys, protecting our branding and turning them into raw material to be used again in manufacturing other products.
    Buffalo NY
  • Jerome
    After ten years inventorying branded clothing that was pulled from our retail shops, CGM was able to convert all of them into wiping cloths which assured us of protecting our brand.
    Cincinnati, OH
  • Melodie
    For twenty-eight years we were landfilling our waste streams of spun glass. Steve and his team at Creative Green Marketing were able to develop a partnership for us with a plastic lumber company who now consumes most of this, eliminating a large portion of our landfill and hauling costs.
    Chicago, IL