Our Clients

CGM partners with industry leading companies to divert their scrap products from the landfill by finding non-competitive re-use and recycling solutions.

We Work With:

  • Branded Product Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • Distribution Centers
  • Fulfillment & Return Centers
  • public & private warehouses
  • Freight companies

Some of our past clients include

Case Studies

When working with a previous client, we were asked to find a recycling solution for overstocked candles they had accumulated. We found a way to repurpose the candles by melting the wax down and, ultimately, re- branding the product into “enviro-log” an environmentally friendly alterative to firewood made out of 100% recycled material.

Publication Recycling
With a long-standing relationship with the printing industry, CGM has years of experience recycling textbooks, phonebooks, and other publications by grinding them and converting material into cellulose insulation, or giving the product a new life as another form of paper.

Fiberglass Recycling
Our clients soft fiberglass trim from fiberglass manufacturing was going to the landfill at a cost to them of over $1 million a year. We were asked to explore uses for this large waste stream in order to divert it from the landfill and reduce this large annual expense.

Two uses were developed, the first was building blocks where the fiberglass was ground and added to cement, making a lightweight building material. This lightweight and strong alternative to a 100% cement block proved to be a reliable and cost effective alternative. This proprietary technology, has now kept hundreds of tons of fiberglass out of landfills and reduced the environmental impact and carbon emitted in the production of standard cement.

The same process we used to develop the cement alternative was used for another clients scrap Styrofoam/EPS. We took these small curly cues found in many packaged goods and processed them into a powder that could mix well with cement. Both clients and the environment benefited greatly.

Book Recycling
Hard and soft back books, telephone books and bound catalogues, were always landfilled, not because of the paper that was printed on, but the thread, hotmelt glue and cloth used in the binding. These materials were not conducive to re-pulping and negatively impacted the processing of paper back into pulp for recycled paper manufacturing.

Our Client approached us and asked to help them find a solution for this problem. We started experimenting with other uses for these items where they could be repurposed into another consumer good, and not landfilled. We were hugely successful in developing much of these products into cellulose insulation through grinding, cleaning and spraying with fire retardant. When bagged and sold the small amount of binding was never affected in the intended new use.

Today we work with a variety of clients to turn these products into materials such as cellulose insulation, stuffing for toys, and batting (railcar insulation).

Cooking Oils & Off Spec Condiments
We were hired to find an alternative for our client who was sending hundreds of tons of off-spec & obsolete condiments and cooking oils to the landfill. We used our strong network of organics recycling centers to find new markets for these products. We found a plethora of secondary markets including animal feed, mulch, and fertilizer for these waste products and handled the full logistics for our client to make sure their off-spec product securely made it from their warehouse to our network of secondary markets.

Today, we work with all types of clients processing their organics, bulk foods, cooking oils, and off spec condiments into a multitude of consumer goods.

Fiberglass Recycling Solutions:

We Partner with Fiberglass Recyclers

Fiberglass is known to be a material that has major advantages over more conventional materials like steel, aluminum, and wood. Fiberglass require less energy to develop. It also is used for products that decrease carbon emissions.

However, how do you recycle fiberglass?

We have found the solution.

With previous experience through partnerships with major fiberglass manufacturers and recyclers we were able to recycle any variety of fiberglass from boat hauls and windmill blades to wool insulation. We can guide you through this process as well and help you find the right solution for your fiberglass recycling needs.

Marine Rope Recycling:

Creative Green Marketing has worked with producers of used polypropylene marine rope in the barge and port industry to recover the PP and recycle it rather than send it to landfill.

We have provided our marine rope recycling expertise to major companies in the south where the harbors are filled with abandoned rope.

Keeping our shores, bays and oceans clean is one of our top priorities.

These old marine ropes should be given a new life rather than take up space in our landfills or worse yet end up in our waterways. It is estimated that hundreds of millions of pounds of rope and mooring line are manufactured in the USA annually.