1What type of product do you take?
Creative Green Marketing takes most branded consumer products. Some products we have worked with in the past fall into the categories of, Health & beauty, Fragrances, Electronics, clothing & accessories, appliances, garden & patio, jewelry, books, toys, furniture, homecare, accessories, sports & recreation equipment, & organics.
2How does CGM save their client’s money?
Each client has their own unique inventory issues. CGM’s goal is to help our clients eliminate as much of their waste from landfill as possible while reducing the cost to our client and their overall environmental footprint. Creative Green Marketing sets up a fair price structure focused on minimizing all the costs associated with the handling and recycling of the product.

In some cases, we buy product from our clients to help them recoup some of their lost revenue. In others, we help to rid them of their inventory headache at a fee other recyclers and landfills can’t compete with.
3How do you ensure the security of brand?
Brand security is our priority. We work with our clients extensively before proceeding with any agreements to ensure we have full transparency on both sides as to what we can and cannot do with their branded product. We ensure that we are fully aware of any product restrictions and considerations that must be followed prior to taking our clients products.

With decades of experience working with a variety of brands across over ten industries, we have developed a strong track record of meeting all restrictions our clients put in place for their products. We have a vast network of verified distributers both domestically & overseas with whom we work with to ensure our clients product reach the end of their lifecycle without distributing their primary markets.
4Do you handle all the shipping & handling of our product?
Yes, we have a variety of logistics and distribution partners both domestically & overseas with whom we constantly work with to ensure we find a solution to get our clients product out of their warehouse and to one of our facilities both quickly and securely.

We work with our distribution centers & recycling facilities to ensure we can take your product securely and process it in a manner that fits our client’s brand-related restrictions while also finding a circular solution in secondary markets or recycling facilities. Our goal is to find our clients product a new home without putting the brand at risk and the product in the landfill.