Creative Green Marketing Protects Our Clients Brand

Creative Green Marketing works with some of the biggest and most trusted brands on the planet and understand how critical brand protection is to all of our partners. creates a transparent, fully secure method of recycling and repurposing our clients materials to ensure that their damaged, discontinued, and returned items do not end up on same market resale shelves.

We always put our clients branded product’s security first. Everything is verified secure, unmarked, and sealed when delivered to our facilities for processing.

We Protect your brand and keep products out of the landfill

  • We secure the transport method- locking a load by sealing the doors of a trailer, recording the seal number and having the driver sign off.
  • Once at our destruction facility, the load must correspond exactly with the signed bill of lading generated at the shipping point
  • The next step is to damage the branded goods to make sure they cannot be resold
  • Finally, we then ship them to one of our contract recyclers for destruction and are then transformed into other consumer goods

Creative Green Marketing is aware of the vital importance of a brand and the damage caused by unauthorized sale of their goods in secondary markets. We have re-engineered the traditional process of disposal to ensure our clients’ brands are protected.

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Recycling Solutions

Sustainable Recycling solutions for Thousands of Products

Creative Green Marketing has worked with dozens of companies to find sustainable recycling solutions for their waste, overstock, and warranty products.
We have pioneered product-recycling solutions for multiple global product categories.

Products we have worked with include:

Health & Beauty




Garden & Patio




Furniture & Household



Sports & Recreation

Branded Material Recycling

We have markets for difficult to recycle or branded material.

Many branded products are difficult to recycle. However, our team can find a sustainable solution, NO MATTER the product.

We help brands take their overstock, unusable goods, or goods that have been taken off the shelves and turn them into recyclables. We want to keep our world as green as possible and eliminate the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

Our recycling consultants help sustainable directors of both large and small brands to recognize that their products waste can be recycled. With a dedication to supporting a more sustainable environment, Creative Green Marketing will identify products that can be recycled content for fashionable and valuable lifestyle products. It will also encourage demand and use of recycled materials, and reinforce the importance of recycling finished products.

Obsolete Consumer Goods

We provide Sustainable Solutions For Overstocked & Obsolete Consumer goods.

Our team at Creative Green Marketing will find the recycling solutions you need for your excess waste, obsolete goods and old merchandise. We will find a recycling solution for whatever it may be. We have moved everything from sunglasses to books to candles to plastic hangers.

Do you have a branded good that is obsolete?

We have found sustainable recycling solutions for exclusive branded and non-branded lines of all types of products. Some consumer products we have recycled or found the proper sustainable home for:

  • Jeans
  • Sunglasses
  • Candles
  • Electronics
  • Books
  • Hangers