About our president

Steve Grossman Recycling Consultant

Steve is an independent sustainability consultant who has seen and found solutions to the challenges of obsolete, overstock, consumer goods, industrial materials and more that are not yet recycled. Today all of us want to avoid landfilling and related costs, but if it hasn’t been done, why would it now?

“Over my lifetime I came to realize our world will not improve ecologically by itself. It is up to each of us to simply do a little more by lending a hand towards conservation of natural resources, harness wind and natural fuels, and develop uses for the more difficult waste by products generated from our domestic manufacturers, avoiding landfills,” said Steve.

From waste management operations to recycling consulting expert

After more than 40 years of developing and operating different recycling facilities and brokering a variety of material, Steve has changed directions in this amazing industry and turned his attention to recycling consulting.

He said, “As sustainability and environmental stewardship continue to become more critical in our lives and our futures, I will be taking a more active role in promoting these concepts.”

Steve will now be expanding the consulting activities of Creative Green Marketing to include working independently with cities, governments, large manufacturers, waste haulers, waste solution management companies and others to find and create solutions for their non-hazardous waste streams that are still being landfilled. Or, if recycling is already part of the picture, we will try to improve these efforts even further.

Rather than brokering the material to be recycled, let our CGM recycling consultants work with you to find the solution and put you in a direct relationship with the consumer and put the perks in your pocket.