Creative Green Marketing Aids Owens Corning in Recycling Plan

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Owens Corning Recycles with American Fiber Green Production

Owens Corning just announced their five year recycling plan with American Fiber Green Production to begin recycling fiberglass that was previously landfilled. Owens Corning’s partner, AFBG, will recycle glass fiber-related material from Owens Corning’s Amarillo, Texas plant.

“The recycling plan in Amarillo represents continued progress toward Owens Corning’s 2020 environmental footprint goals,” said Doug Pontsler who is the vice president of Environmental Operations and Sustainability.

Fiberglass Recycling

The ultimate goal of Owens Corning is to have a net waste of zero competing alongside plans such as Coca Cola’s renowned sustainability program.

Success of Fiberglass Recycling

This recycling effort is a huge success when considering the amount of fiber glass saved from landfills, the cost of landfilling, and the creativity used to find a solution for this deemed waste that cannot be recycled. After the five year contract is up with Amarillo’s production plant, the plan is to implement this program in every Owens Corning facility in the country.

Steve Grossman Acts as Fiberglass Recycling Consultant

Steve Grossman Fiberglass Recycling Consultant

One of the largest recycling efforts to date would not have been possible without the help of Steve Grossman, the owner of Creative Green Marketing. CGM was the quarterback in facilitating this partnership, acting as a fiberglass recycling consultant to Owens Corning.

“I brought American Fiber Green Production to the table as the solution for Owens Corning fiberglass waste,” says Steve.

This is an enormous accomplishment for all concerned paving the way for future recycling efforts for many companies.

Steve Grossman is a recycling consultant that has been in this industry for over forty years. Originally in traditional recycling, Steve has expanded Creative Green Marketing to focus on materials that cannot be recycled.

Steve says, “Rather than brokering the material to be landfilled, I work directly with companies to find solutions and partnerships that do not compete with the original market and saves the company money while doing so.”

Owens Corning is just one of many success stories Steve has when working with unrecyclable waste.

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