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Trash in our Landfills is a Major Recycling Issue

Landfill Trash

In the world we live in today, the amount of trash we throw away is no secret. From the huge bins sitting outside restaurants, to the large trucks we see outside our homes on a weekly basis, there is no hiding this convenient waste process.

In fact, one United States citizen discards 1,600 pounds of trash per year! but this is not something to be proud of as trash accumulates in hard to manage landfills.

Just like how we popularized the use of landfills to solve the problem of wastes in the 1950’s, people are finding creative outlets and solutions that go beyond traditional thinking.

Recycling may be the answer for basic materials like plastic, cardboard, and glass, but a huge issue lies in obsolete consumer goods produced by the thousands.

Obsolete Consumer Goods, Where Do They Go?

Obsolete Goods and Overstock

How can we possibly make this consumer oriented process sustainable as more and more resources become limited? The answer is reusing materials in new creative ways taking certain products and turning them into something else. Solutions will need to be found for “unrecyclable” wastes that have forever been classified as not reusable.

This is not an easy task often involving many parties from engineers, chemists, consultants, and facilities with the necessary infrastructure.

Anything from mixed fiber clothing to electronic waste is finding a new home away from landfills as completely new products.

  • The obsolete clothing issue: The average US citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles annually.
  • The obsolete clothing solution: There is no ONE answers to this consumer goods recycling issue. That is why we are here. Creative Green Marketing has found many avenues to reuse clothing, sunglasses, curling irons, shoes, and multiple other branded products saving everyone money, time and keeping the earth greener. This is what we do.
  • The possibilities are endless as sustainability becomes an even greater priority for all. Waste management is one of the three forefronts evolving in sustainable business development.

    If your company has any excess inventory or obsolete consumer goods that cannot be recycled, Creative Green Marketing can find a solution.

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