Need to clear out your warehouse or have a material you need to repurpose?

Branded Material Recycling

Creative Green Marketing has a proven track record in finding markets for difficult to recycle or branded material. A few examples of products we can handle are packaged paper towels, tissue paper, toilet paper, diapers, candles, hangers, sunglasses, textiles (clean or dirty), CD’s, DVD’s, and vinyl.

Many branded products are difficult to recycle. However, our team can find a sustainable solution, NO MATTER the product.

We help brands take their overstock, unusable goods, or goods that have been taken off the shelves and turn them into recyclables. We want to keep our world as green as possible and eliminate the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

Our recycling consultants help sustainable directors of large or small brands to recognize that their products waste can be recycled. With a dedication to supporting a more sustainable environment, Creative Green Marketing will identify products that can be recycled content for fashionable and valuable lifestyle products. It will also encourage demand and use of recycled materials, and reinforce the importance of recycling finished products.

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