Brand protection is the backbone of every branded consumer product manufacturer.

But how do you feel ensured that your damaged, discontinued, and returned items don’t end up on a social media resale site?  Brand Protection - Recycling your Branded Products

Creative Green Marketing (CGM) is working to create a transparent, fully secure method of recycling and repurposing.

How can we protect your brand and keep the products out of the landfill?

  • The first step is securing the transport method – locking a load by sealing the doors of a trailer, recording the seal number and having the driver sign-off.
  • Once at our destruction facility, the load must correspond exactly with the signed bill of lading generated at the shipping point.
  • The next vital step is to damage the branded goods to make sure they cannot be resold.
  • Finally, we then ship them to our contract recycler for destruction. These materials are transformed into other consumer goods.

CGM is aware of the vital importance of a brand and the damage caused by unauthorized sales on the secondary market.

CGM has re-engineered the traditional process to ensure our clients’ brands are protected.

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